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Thread: I am over-levelled and slowing xp progression

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    I shot up to almost level 71 but have only opened the Asian restaurant. I have yet to build the grill factory. I have since stopped filling helicopter, zoo and other players' orders. I am trying to build more community buildings and housing quickly.

    Are there other ways to slow down xp progression? I wish Playrix allowed people to opt out of the xp events : maybe a button that says "I want to stop participating in this event."

    I did enquire with customer support but reversing level progression isn't possible.

    My trains are at level 11 and I play all day.

    I really didnt find a way to slow down XP , selling at the heli in particular gains us a load of XP but it also makes lots of coins we need. If it's any consolation everything does even out later in your game.

    I disliked being at such a high level so quickly leaving me with a very small barn, struggling for coins and a general feeling my town was underdeveloped for my level. While I agree just because you can build something it doesn't have to be done straight away, it always niggled me until I got it done. Factories were almost twice the price they are now so at one stage I was 3 to 4 factories behind. This isn't a big deal, it was the CB's I wanted to keep up with.

    Like I say everything catches up in the end. I now have a reasonable barn size, plenty of coins and everything built, expanded. Still lots to work on in my town though such as upgrades achievements and events. If anything I now want lots of XP to level up. So my advice is not to change the way you play trying to avoid gaining XP. Let your game level itself out over time.
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