Hi all! Im a tad frustrated... so before i make any impulsive decisions, I need some information. While racing, if members do not change their status to "not racing" and do not actually race, or successfully complete any tasks in a race, do they still receive the award chests at end of race? Secondly, are the rewards offered in the yacht club available to all tiers of racing? Small backstory...I am the only active elder in my co-op, more thank half of our members including the leader have been m.i.a. for over a year. So, I became Mama Duck, so to speak, to our active members. A few new members joined and the whole ebb and flow to the co-op has shifted to chaos as far a racing. As an elder, we all know, blah blah blah limits on what can be controlled. So the breadcrumbs are leading me to starting anew. Thanks for listening... time for tea and deep breathing... and for the love of chocolate, if you dont race, change your setting!!!๐Ÿ˜ซ