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Thread: Opting out from racing

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    Opting out from racing

    When is the cut off time for opting out of racing?

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    Before the next race starts. So you have like a 24 hour window to opt out. But the inter-seasonal race it doesn't matter one way or the other.
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    You have to opt out within an hour if race start.
    If you opt out with 59mins and 59 seconds before start of race, you will be counted as playing.
    One if my friends had that happen to get.

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    Also...remember the time the race based on Playrix's timezone so check your clocks! For me it is like 3 am.
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    There are several games that I can't play because of poor vision . Like gumballs and cooking . I wish I didn't get all these nags and junk tickets that I can't use.

    For that matter, I don't have a zoo and I don't wish to have the zoo . I would like to be able to give all these animal cards to someone. You could save a lot of server time by letting people choose which modules they wish to engage with.

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