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    Paying for things


    I’m new to the game and would like some advice please. I’m not happy that in order to get money out of the piggy bank I have to pay for it with my own money £2.99. Same with using the market. When I first used the market I could click on the man and get a search. Now I keep getting told that I hire him and again have to pay my own money. Is there any way round these?

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    In order to use the market, you'll have to hire the dealer using township cash, which you can either buy, or earn in-game (from achievements, rewards, chests, mine, etc.). Only the first use of the dealer is free for one day, as a demonstration of how it works.

    As for the piggy bank feature, that's just a way of offering t-cash for purchase at a discounted price. The t-cash that goes to the piggy bank is not something that you'd usually gain from normal gameplay, so you don't lose anything if you decide not to open it.
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