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Thread: Take a break from regatta without being demoted

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katrina Marshall View Post

    Otherwise, how does Playrix justify demoting bottom 3 racing teams, but leave others who ‘opt out’?
    If they did, some co-ops would use it as frequently as allowed, to maintain their place in higher level league...

    Well, I would just think, you join the race or you don't. If you join, you know you can get in last place and be demoted. Those who opt out wouldn't get demoted, but they also don't get any prizes or chests, etc.

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    Sorry - I was just commenting on the ‘opting out no demotion’ discussion.
    My comments re: Playrix was for context only - for once I think I agree with them ... That was my point - nothing else
    No Playrix response required or expected

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