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Thread: Don't move my threads

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    Don't move my threads

    I put a thread here complaining about something.
    Don't move it. I want Playrix to see it and act on it, and to reply to me personally.
    Remove the bouncing fox or whatever it is, now!

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    If you want a personal reply from Playrix, you need to submit your problem or complaint using the support ticket function in your game.

    People reading and posting here are almost entirely just other players. Playrix posts announcements and sometimes replies to questions in those topics to clarify things, but they don't generally read and respond directly to other posts here.
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    echoing Mayfield's comments plus two things.

    1) it is the moderator's job to keep the forum organized, orderly, and informative. Moderators are *player volunteers*, not Playrix employees and receive no rewards for doing this, sometimes thankless, job. And they do it well. Moving duplicative posts to the related topic is part of that job.

    2) Your thread will have a lot more weight when it's part of the hundreds of posts complaining about that darn fox (technically a "red panda"). Usually a post with hundreds of replies, especially ones that complain about a game feature or bug, are noticed by the forum admins as something that is truly an issue for the playing customers.

    And, as Mayfield said, if you want the developers / Playrix management to respond to you directly, you'll have to contact them directly using the in-game help and support feature.

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    Thanks. So it was wrong to assume that a forum labeled "troubles" would be monitored by developers.

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    Well said Mayfield and Cdosr!

    Quote Originally Posted by David S View Post
    Thanks. So it was wrong to assume that a forum labeled "troubles" would be monitored by developers.
    Actually, in my experience, it's wrong to assume that any thread on the forum is read by developers.

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    Just to add..if everyone that wanted to complain or ask the same question started their own thread, the forum would be full of the same thing repeated over and over..
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