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Thread: Airport: Missing "in the barn" count for harvested goods

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    Airport: Missing "in the barn" count for harvested goods

    When an airplane wants wheat or carrots, you can hold on the icon and it tells you "harvested from fields" but it doesn't include "in the barn: 0" count to let you know how many you currently have.

    All other good types for airplanes do give this information in the hover section. Please fix this bug specifically for field goods.

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    This changed with the last update, we are hoping they will change it back eventually, hoping with the next update

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    My coop leader noticed that if we press the pop up and hold it for several seconds, eventually the game floats you over to the place where the item is made (or to the boat docks for peaches, fish, etc.).

    I don't know how long that ability has been there because I would have never pressed and held anything that long until someone mentioned it.

    If it is new, I wonder if maybe this relates to changing the focus of display to the where info. Personally, I found the counter vastly more valuable. We already know where everything but possibly the newest item comes from, so that info would rarely be needed except by people who keep moving their factories around. Imo it makes no sense to give priority to a feature useful for only a few commodities or few players when everybody always needs the info about how many we have. Also, the time that I needed to hold down the graphic to make the automatic movement happen is so long, I could have swiped my way there way sooner.

    Marginal as that feature is, I don't see why we can't have the count as well. They don't need the long form narrative. A simple fraction like we see on the trains (like 5/16 as I see on my strawberry train car at the moment) tells us what we need to know.
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    I too was hoping that the missing count info would've been corrected with the latest update, and not just for the crops but island goods too. This is really very useful.

    The ability to be taken directly to the source has been in the game for many months. Again, some find this tool useful as not everyone can remember where their factories are placed, especially after redesigning their towns. I think more importantly than that, and as happens in our co-op, members are playing in the language used in the co-op which may not be their 1st language. Therefore reading that a product is made in a particular factory is not particuarly helpful to them, but being taken directly there, is of more use.

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    Hooray, this is now fixed as of version 7.1.0 (Dec 2019)

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    Quote Originally Posted by user89368991 View Post
    Hooray, this is now fixed as of version 7.1.0 (Dec 2019)

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