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Thread: Township One-liners

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    Township One-liners

    Was watching a TV program with some awful jokes and got worried how many reminded me of TS.

    - Why did the banana visit the Doctor?
    - Because she was peeling ill.

    If that wasn't cheesy enough for you:
    -What did the cheese say on seeing itself in the mirror?

    - What did the cheese say to the teenagers raiding the fridge?
    - I'm nacho cheese!

    Am sure you have a selection of equally bad jokes to share,but let's keep it clean

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    Lol. I confess bad jokes always make me laugh

    -Why didn't the shrimp share his treasure?
    -Because he was a little shellfish!

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    Love it!

    My favorite TS item:

    - What kind of candy is never on time?
    - Chocolate

    How about the ever requested TS item...

    - What do you call a flying bagel?
    - A plain bagel!
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    Two birds sitting on a says...Can you smell fish?

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    Pete and repeat are sitting on a hill, Pete falls off who’s left?

    Uhh! O.k. I said....
    Pete n repeat are......

    Kids love this One!
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    In a similar vein

    2 walkers see a farmer leaning on a gate. There are three cows in the field.
    The walkers ask the farmer if the cows have names.
    The farmer makes a sweeping gesture with his stick and says "Eh, yerwat, pardon"
    The walkers asked again, slightly louder this time., and got the same reply. "Eh,yerwat,pardon."
    The walkers ask again, very loudly, adding gestures.
    The cows look up at the farmer , who shakes his bucket "..cud nut barley ear'"

    (It works better spokenthan written)

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