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Thread: Resolution for missing tcash?

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    Resolution for missing tcash?

    I've read and heard of many players who have experienced missing tcash and have been told to contact customer support for help. I now have experienced missing tcash, about $300 and I've contacted customer support for help. What I'd like to know is if anyone who has ever reported missing tcash to customer support has ever had them return any tcash back to them or have they been given the excuse like I was given that "looking at my past history I used my tcash to continue playing the bubble gum event." If there is anyone that has ever received even $1 tcash back from customer support I would really like to know.

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    I've had them replace lost TCash, but it was a couple of years ago.
    If you are certain you did not spend it, reply again to them...unless they have closed the report, in which case I woukd start another.
    That said I'm guessing you will have no proof to offer them, so it may be its lost firever.

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    I sent a reply to them telling them that I was sure I hadn't used the tcash playing the bubble gum game and that it made no sense to spend $300 tcash just to win a $92 decoration and I won 3rd place which I received $30. I got another reply that told me that they were only able to go by the records that they have which show that I spent that tcash on the bubble gum game. Since I know that is untrue I was wondering if anyone ever got reimbursed for missing tcash they knew was not spent by them.

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    Nope! I bought $50 during the bubble gum challenge because my cash suddenly disappeared. Took SS & sent this to them but they will always think they are right according to their "data." That $50 quickly disappeared within a few seconds too. Contacted them again, but no resolution as their data showed it was put in the bank despite my proof it wasn't. On missing cash, you'll never win. They are always right according to the "data" they have. I suspect it could have been a lab in my internet connection but not going through all the steps to prove that as they will still deny it.

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    No, I lost 49 dollars recently switching from one Kindle to the other . I petitioned them several times and only got bullshit replies. I lost all my coins at the same time and I have no explanation for that.

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