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Thread: Regatta given event task after event was over

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    Regatta given event task after event was over

    We have a Coop with one leader and that is it. This leader has never been online since I joined the Coop.

    We have no way to remove unwanted tasks, without purposely failing task.

    When an event is ending and the regatta still goes on any event task takes up a slot and becomes unplayable wheb event is over.

    I stay up when events are ending during a regatta, to keep us from having an event task when the event is over.

    When there is less than a half hour in the event, if I select an event task when the new task comes up the event will be over.

    When there was 30 minutes left in the event, we had no event tasks. With 26 minutes left in the event one of are members selected a mining task. I was looking for a task to do and since I was still awake decided to see what would replace it. 4 minutes after event was over the new task ended up being an event task. This never happened before and should not happen. This is a task impossible to do because the event was already over when it was given to us. I believe that this is a bug due to the ending of daylight savings time .

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    I have no insights on the event task showing up after the event was over, nothing like that in my experience


    Given your other descriptions, you should run away from that co-op ASAP. Sounds like a frustrating place and you are doomed to bad finishes. If any of the others are your friends or you have all enjoyed playing together so far, form a new co-op and invite all them to join you.

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    I know you are right about the Coop.

    The frustrating thing is the game allows people to join Coops with inactive leader and no coleaders or elders.
    When I joined i noticed a month of a few people joining and then leaving the Coop. Being new to the game I did not think much about it.
    The reason I joined the Coop a person helped me, belonged to the Coop. They had joined the Coop the day before. I was not able to participate in Regatta yet. And I had no idea what it was. All the members who joined the Coop after me joined because I had helped them. About half speak English. That is the problem. I am definitely thinking about starting a new Coop. I just will not know until I do it, whether the nonenglish reading members will be able to figure out how to join up. I am currently trying to at least friends the one I wish to have in the new Coop. Only it looks like some have stopped playing for school. I still wish to have them in the new Coop. But looks like I am waiting for them to have a school break.

    This really is a big problem for the game not having some solution for Coops with inactive leaders.
    The best solution would be to notice an inactive leader and ask all members if they would like to switch to a new Coop with the most experienced being the leader of that Coop. Or maybe,a form new Coop button in the existing Coop. The one that clicks on it would be its leader and set it up. Then have a button for switching to that new Coop for members of old.

    But whatever, the solution really should come from the game.

    Edit: this was the first time for me that event task came up after the event was over. This is also the first event to end during a regatta since daylight savings time ended, for me. That is why I am thinking it is a daylight savings time problem.
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    My suggestion would be to look fir another coop.
    If the other members are wanting the same, perhaps one of you could open your own coop and invite the others to join you.
    Make sure you have all the info you need for each player.
    May be a good idea for one player to stay in the old coop until everyone else has joined the new one.

    The task thing must be a glitch, I have never heard of that before.
    Tasks for events are usually greyed out once the event starts.
    Sorry you were penalised

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    This complaint seems so common, you wonder if it would be possible for Playrix to automatically add co-leaders after so many days of inactivity by the leader. This would be similar to what they do when a leader deletes the game.
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