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Thread: Have no Friend Code/ Can't add friends

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    If you are not using, Android, iOS or kindle as you were before, you won't be able to get your old town back.
    As Zimbelstern and JJay explained the different platforms are compatible.
    This applies whether you are connected to Facebook or not.
    So sorry, I know it can be heartbreaking to have to start over when you gave put a lot of work in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lilfarmer View Post
    Thank you all for your replies. So it means also, that even tho I connected it on facebook, I have to restart my town if I ever want to co-op in this game, correct? This is bad. Unfortunately, my phone doesn't support the game anyway, so nevermind :/ Too bad because I liked the game
    I'm not sure how emulators work, but I think you could be right, you may have lost your town. I seem to remember that one of the moderators here, Dreadnought, once had a town on an emulator, so if they don't reply to this thread maybe you could send them a private message and ask for their advice. Whatever the reply is I hope you find a way to carry on playing

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    Hi lilfarmer. In the post JJay linked Anna states you will not be able to sync your game progress from an emulator to your Android device. So unfortunately it won't be possible to transfer your existing town.

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