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Thread: Have no Friend Code/ Can't add friends

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    Have no Friend Code/ Can't add friends

    I am new to this game and I wanted to play it with my dad. Now I wanted to add him to my friend list so we can visit each other but it turns out, my game has no friend invite code. His does, but when I enter it, the game just shows the loading circle endlessly and doesn't proceed.

    Could anybody help me please?

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    Is one of you playing on a Windows computer or Mac and the other not? I ask because Township versions for Windows and for Mac are not compatible with the mobile version used for android, Apple iOS, or Kindle devices and we can only friend other players on the same version of Township.

    If you and your dad do play on the same version, you will automatically appear as friends if you are connected to Facebook or GooglePlay (Android) and are friended there.

    Here is wiki info on friends
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    Yes I am playing on an android Emulator as my phone is too old to handle the game and my dad plays normally on his phone.
    So is this the reason why I am not having a friend code at all? It keeps saying the friend list will reloaded in 4x hours but I am never getting any friend suggestions.
    Is there a way to transfer my play data so I can connect to him? or vice versa
    Also: is this the reason why my account has no friend code? It says "here's your friend code" but the space is empty
    Thank you in advance
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    If you are using the Android app and your dad is using android or iOS, you should be able to connect.

    However, A lot of people using Android emulators were having problems with This game, so much so that Township no longer provides support for them.

    Maybe someone with experience using an emulator to play TS can help you. Sorry I can't be more help.
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    Sorry, but I believe, Playrix doesn’t support playing on an emulator any more. You won’t be able to interact with any player, while using an emulator. If type emulator in the search bar, you‘ll find a lot of informations.

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    Hi. Unfortunately, as Zimbelstern said above, Playrix no longer allow people to play using emulators. There is a post from a member of Playrix staff here which states that
    They never explained why they did this, but then they never ever explain anything They are really bad at communicating with customers.

    Sorry you can't connect with your dad, but I hope you find another way to play

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    Thank you all for your replies. So it means also, that even tho I connected it on facebook, I have to restart my town if I ever want to co-op in this game, correct? This is bad. Unfortunately, my phone doesn't support the game anyway, so nevermind :/ Too bad because I liked the game

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    If your current game is connected to a Facebook, I think you should be able to pick it up again if you ever install Township on an android, iOS, or kindle device. If you start the game on a new device, then connect that game to Facebook, it should ask you if you want to play on your old game.
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    I did that, and it unfortunately doesnt work. it just stays in the new game :/

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