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Thread: Creating more population

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    Creating more population

    Fellow TWP'ers, do roads, parking, gas stations etc attribute to the increase of township population?

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    Welcome, Sheldon!

    To the best of my knowledge only building Community Buildings (CBs) will increase your township population. For more info you can check out the wiki:


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    Hi Sheldon, welcome to the forum,

    I think houses contribute as well.
    But nothing else does.
    Of course you need to up the population in order to progress through the game.

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    Oh btw if you click on anything it will tell you how much you can sell it for, but it will also tell you how much population it is worth as well.
    Be careful not to accidental sell them though.

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    As you need community buildings to buy houses in order to increase your population, which also enables you to buy factories, do you loose houses and factories if you sell community buildings?

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    Hi Jinjaninja, Welcome to the forum,
    We cannot sell community buildings as far as I know.

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