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Thread: City market

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    I have 400 on windows. It's a little easier, since it's in 2 rows, but still that's 200 columns. I admit I am not F2p, but I don't regret buying them at all. It is so convenient even at high level, that I can usually find 100+ of every long growing crops. There are so many help requests each day for crops like potatoes, trees, roses, jasmines, that I couldn't even grow them myself and definetely couldn't store that many. Not to mention the zoo tasks (windows has the old zoo).

    Also when I use the heli booster, I buy everything from the market (except crops) and I can complete way more orders, than I could without them. Sure, you don't find everything, but finding 5 beds instead of 2 is still pretty good. My goal is 500, after that I will definetely stop. I know some have over 1000, but that is just too much pain to go through for me...

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    Organization in this game in general needs improvement. Scrolling through friends with no way to organize them and scrolling through decorations with no way to organize them is becoming untenable. We need an organizational system in-game that doesn't rely on simple scrolling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vivekpujara View Post
    I have more than 200+ box in city market some for search some item to hard so please make search option for box so game play is good for all .
    I love game awesome game so please reply if read thenkyou .
    I want the same thing!!! We need to at least have the empty boxes move down and all the boxes we have yet to purchase move to the front! And it would be so nice if the boxes had a small display telling us if we have that item in our barn and if so how many!

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