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Thread: City market

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    City market

    I have more than 200+ box in city market some for search some item to hard so please make search option for box so game play is good for all .
    I love game awesome game so please reply if read thenkyou .

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    This had been asked for many times in different ways,
    Maybe in the future we will get lucky..but I'm not holding my breath.

    May I ask...why so many boxes, does having so many really help?

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    There was a discussion about having lots of market boxes not too long ago. Some people did say they found it an advantage to have lots of boxes.

    Personally, I think there is a point where maybe it is more trouble (and tcash) than it is worth. I don't have nearly as many as 200 but already I find I am seeing the same items repeating in multiple boxes.

    Anyway, You might be interested in this discussion.
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    Thank you fir the link Mayfield

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    It's been the same since the game started..the Market always seems to be one step behind your game.
    For instance if you have a plane needing 6 strawberry jam...the market may not have any, but as soon as you send your plane they will appear in next refresh, not always but mostly.
    Also the Market will never give you all that is needed...Playrix want you to make them or pay to get them with TCash.
    The Market will also give you boxes of the same thing and you can almost guarantee it will be something you don't need.
    Whilst I understand that having more boxes seems doesn't always work for the better.
    The game is programmed to have you use your factories and not just buy from the market.

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    Oops that digresses from the original suggestion...sorry

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    I have over 250 market boxes. I find them extremely useful. I continue making stuff in my factories, so do not expect them to replace the need to make stuff. I don't keep crops in my barn so the multiple boxes of the same crops are very welcome for me. It depends how you play your game I guess. Financially I have over 6,000,000 coins so buying this way has not hindered me at all.

    It doesn't really matter if you see the point in a lot of boxes of not. That's the beauty of it, we all can decide what is most beneficial to us individually. Then stop buying more boxes at the point we feel we have enough.

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    I think the hope was that if we count up all the different crops, island products, and factory products and had at least that many boxes, then the item you need would always be offered in the market. I don't think it works that way though.
    Played on and off since October 2017
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    Sorry Downton, I wasn't saying I didn't see the point, I was asking why so many? Just curious is all.
    I understand that everyone has their own way of playing and strategies etc,

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    This need to be done also it needs to show how much of an item you currently have when browsing through

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