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Thread: Idea ability to change inactive co op leader

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    Idea ability to change inactive co op leader

    Can we please have a option to change leader in a co op when the leader becomes inactive

    Eg a button to hit that starts a timer for eg a week if that player does not play in that week the leader status goes to someone else

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    The coop belongs to your leader and was created in his town, which is why he/she cannot be replaced.
    If a leader leaves the coop without promoting anyone, the next highest ranking member is automatically promoted.
    If the leader remains in the coop but us inactive, the solution is fir one of the members to create a new coop.
    Making sure he/she is able to invite everyone over.
    The downside is that the new coop will start again in Wooden league for regattas.

    If that isn’t a viable option you could ask Playrix to intervene, but they haven’t been forthcoming in this situation before.

    Good Luck in whatever you do

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