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Thread: Show Barn Capacity Split In Market

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    Show Barn Capacity Split In Market

    It would be really great if you were to show the barn capacity and how many slots are full, or even better, just show how many empty slots remain. It’s really a pain to bounce out of the market and over to the barn just to get those stats. I know that the info slides in from the right edge after you make a purchase, but I’m more interested in that info BEFORE I make a purchase. Why do you not show that data flag continuously when in the market?


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    Fir me personally that us an uneccessary option.
    I wouldn't want it stuck there blocking yet more if the interface.
    Also when I go to the market I usually have an idea as to what I need so can buy accordingly.
    I'm one of those players that buys out the market anyway and if I fill the barn it tells me.

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