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Thread: Treasure chest in mine disappeared

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    Treasure chest in mine disappeared

    Hi, friends!
    It's such a pity, when you dig out a treasure chest in the mine and you click it and then aren't smart enough to see that everything is visible in the background although it's darkened and click outside the newly opened window that tells you to pay 3 Township cash "dollars" to open it, to see, if you have enough money and the moment you do that, the treasure chest disappears from the mine... 😱😭 Why?! Please let them stay around!
    I have a dog at home, that loves to cuddle and sometimes it pushes my arm all of a sudden to ask for some petting. It causes me, understandably, to push on things on the phone, I didn't intend to push. And then a golden balloon, for example, disappears too... 😭 Please make them not disappear after you once click them!

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    If you have clicked to open the chest then it will disappear and its contents are given to you.
    However if you clicked and it comes forward but you don't click to open it, then it will disappear but you won't have spent your 3tcash.
    It has to disappear if you don't want to open it so those that don't want to spend TCash don't have to.

    ETA... Once you have opened a golden balloon, you will get whatever is inside no matter where you click.
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