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    Zoo construction

    I find it quite ridiculous how many bricks or glass that is needed to construct an enclosure. Well over 100!! I understand the developer wants to make money for their game. I just find it kinda over the top to expect someone to either spend that much money to finish the enclosure or have someone wait out trying to collect enough while also trying to make their farm.
    I love this game but I’m starting to get really frustrated. I’m unfortunately buying township cash way to much as it is. But I have probably 20 enclosures I cannot finish and tons of animals I can never put in their enclosure.
    The amount needed should definitely be dropped.

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    Oh the echoes lol...
    You think 100+ is a lot..wait til you get to higher levels..the amounts needed increase to well over 200
    We all feel that frustration. But..this game is designed with that in mind.
    Patience is your friend ...and lots of it.
    The game is meant to be a money earner for Playtrix. So they would love you to spend TCash to speed things up.

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