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Thread: Thank You note

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    Thank You note

    Currently when you get an item from co-OP friend the item pops up on the screen and sometimes flashes too quickly for you to get the name. I think it should pop up with a thank you button to push.

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    I agree, Great Idea!
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    Agree, even better if the thanks button also sent coins, or tc at random as currently 5 random clovers a day.

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    I think y'alls ideas are great, please add them so we can thank the good people!

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    Brilliant idea ... Hope they consider it.

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    The other benefit to this system is that we would control how long the box stays there if we had to tap thank you to clear it. No more box disappearing before we can read it! To be fair, mine seems to be hanging around a little longer than it used to.
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