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    Please do some research on rhinos. I find the rhino enclosure ridiculous. I have NEVER seen a rhino taking a mud bath! Elephants, yes, but not rhinos. I zoomed in as close as I could, and it seems you have used the pointed lip of the black rhino, who eats shrubs. But this rhino is so light grey, as to suggest a white rhino. White rhinos are lighter in colour, have a square lip and graze - as your blurb says. We, in Africa, take our rhinos very seriously, due to the current, rampant poaching. They are seriously in danger of extinction.

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    Rhino enclosure

    How can I get someone to look at my comment and reply to it?

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    This forum consists mainly of other players, like yourself, so no one here can actually make any changes to the game. If you want to make sure you reach the game's developers directly, you should contact them directly from within your game (Settings > Help and Support), and write them your suggestion there.
    Good luck!
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