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Thread: Physical Effects of Playing Township

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    Physical Effects of Playing Township

    Is anyone else finding themselves with RSI pain in the shoulder and eyes boggling out from the lack of sleep since starting to play this game?

    How do you find the will power to call it a night when there's always "just this" or "just that" to do which'll "only take a couple of minutes"... then 2 hours later it's 4am, etc etc...?

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    No, but a couple days ago I was ready to throw up from the frustration of not getting any decent regatta tasks.
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    Tingling in the fingers, carpal tunnel & neck pain. Sleeping til noon, calling kids in sick to school 😂(once)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mayfield View Post
    No, but a couple days ago I was ready to throw up from the frustration of not getting any decent regatta tasks.
    Been there living it. Finally got a 135 helicopter task just a bit ago.
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    As I don't sleep well anyway so I spend a lot of time going in and out of the game.
    So far painfree. I think I would give it up altogether if I started getting RSI, as that's something that won't just go away with a few hours rest.
    As soon as you start to play again it will return.

    The tasks seem to be getting worse, it's the length of time to complete them that annoys me. Would love to maybe do smaller amounts so it doesn't take most of the day to do just one task

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    Yeah, after the first transportation magnate weekend I had a horrible shooting pain in my wrist. Between that event and another app (coloring), I spent the whole weekend holding my ipad. My left wrist got so bad I had to start wearing a heavy duty wrist/hand wrap because I couldn't even lift anything with that hand without shooting pain. It has gotten much better. I now only wear a small wrist wrap instead of the heavy duty one.

    The best thing I did since then was to buy a PillowPad to hold the ipad... my hand doesn't have to now!

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    Funny you should say that about the Pillow Pad!!! I have found the slope on my prosthetic boob just right for leaning it on when lying on my side in bed... And I have a 2 metre phone cable to go across to it so the phone doesn't go flat in the night... and a pillow under the upper arm.

    Have to despatch everybody on a weekday morning then have to admit to going back to bed - after despatching plane and trains as necessary.

    LOL... The things we do...

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    Ooops... I just cremated my son's pizza while I typed that!

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    Oh no...Mousytrap, now TS is causing small disasters due to our addiction lol
    Hope you've got another or a good alternative

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    No sadly not. Have heated up a spag bol instead at his request but he's being a bit huffy at the moment.

    (Probably didn't help that I burned his dinner last night as well)

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