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Looked through the album, the houses/shops are fantastic, Ruud, and what ideas... wow.
I'd almost say TS Devs must have been there, lol!

I re-read the whole thread, and just to be sure (I haven't seen something similar here, just Christmas markets with shops and light and a few pine trees as deco) that I understand it correctly: who makes and brings these houses, the ppl who have a shop there (as deco), or are they their own purpose in their own area (the one you marked)?
There are several factories that deliver such houses and other stuff. International marks are Lemax(the mark represented in this spot and in many other places in this show), Luville and My Village but several garden centres released whole series as a private label too.

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Wow, those are fantastic. Thank you for sharing them with us Ruud.
My only worry would be..I would want them all and have nowhere to put them in my town.
Still maybe Playrix can give us a suitable amount of expansions to fit.
Won't hold my breath on that one though lol
Thanks Cuddz,
Sometimes I am thinking of how it could be living in a garden centre in this period,
a little crowded during the day but very enjoyable when the peace has returned.