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Thread: Whole coop suggests❣ regatta and coops. ❣

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    Whole coop suggests❣ regatta and coops. ❣

    Hello. My whole coop was wondering if there is a way you can add it, so when people steal reserved tasks it tells the leaders who stole the task. It's a very annoying problem in our coop and I feel like it would help so much.
    I hope this is put into concideration. Thanks so much

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    Hi Amanda
    just an idea, maybe the co-op leader could message everyone that if a task is reserved then it should not be taken by someone else,
    or if the person who reserved said task has it stolen, then maybe they should say something if they notice that task has been stolen, and by whom.
    Or the person who has reserved the task tells everyone on the sidebar, where you request items, in capitol letters, this is my reserved task. This might dissuade the culprit.
    I'm assuming the task has not expired it's reserved for 12 hours time limit ?
    Obviously the culprit is one of the ones saying alert the leader.
    I hope you find them soon.
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    Maybe you can see in the regatta statistics if it hasn't been completed you will see who has taken it.

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    I put the reserve rules, violation consequence, & how to identify that a task is reserved (yellow "!") in our co-op info, as well as, in the co-op chat & in a co-op message at the beginning of each race week. & I remind my members to tell me right away when they see their reserved task has been taken & to tell me which task it was. I then go to task window in the middle section & see who is doing that task. I then tell the player via chat that they violated our team's reserve rules, that this is their warning, & that if it happens again they will be removed from the co-op just as our rules state in our co-op info.

    I built my co-op to be an easygoing, peaceful, courteous, active co-op and to keep it that way I have had to, sadly, implement strict task reserve rules & consequences.

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    Just answer your question further Amanda,
    The reserve task was never meant to be a set in stone thing. When it was first introduced it was said it was just fir convenience and that others could still take the task so they weren't stuck waiting for one.
    You could try putting it on the wish list, but I doubt Playtrix will do anything.
    Hope you get it solved to suit everyone on your coop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amanda Woods-Strong View Post
    ...when people steal reserved tasks it tells the leaders who stole the task. ...
    This would be a very helpful change indeed, no matter how the Coop handles the reservations. Has been asked for before, IIRC.
    It should be an information visible to all, IMO, though, not only the leader(s), and not only to the person whose task was taken.

    I would use "taken" instead of "stolen", as errors can happen and as mentioned, many Coops use reservations in different ways.

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