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Thread: Where is Ernie?

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    Where is Ernie?

    Hello, I have noticed since the start of the Professor's event Ernie has stopped asking for help. He hasn't asked for anything for 2 days. Did I miss reading something that said he wouldn't ask for help during this event, or is Ernie just on vacation? Is anyone else getting Ernie asking for help or is it just me?

    I'm a very active player and on all the time...I don't think I have ever missed helping him.

    Thanks for any input.

    Edit: I'm on Android
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    He is still asking (on Android)
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    Rileyville, like Rudd, Ernie is still showing up for me (Android). Barb

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    Ernie still showing up on MacOS too.
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    I'm getting him too on iOS,
    Maybe do a reboot, and empty your cache, if that doesn't help send an in game report to CS

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    Thanks everyone for their input...I guess I'll submit a report.

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    My Ernie had help request out yesterday but he has not asked for any new help today. I've never really noticed before what his usual pattern or frequency is.
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