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    Bubblegum Event Decor

    Bubblegum event just started, and there’s some lovely new decorations!

    Show how you’ve displayed them in your towns, here
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    Thanks, Nevada!

    That's three (really) new decos, and only one - not the most expensive one - is an event prize, right?

    gawd, I wish there was an easy and really working way to search and find such deco items in my town and zoo (or storage)... the storage display doesn't show what I remember.

    edit: ah, Candy castle is new, too? thx, Cuddz then it reminds me heavily of another deco, which is very similar.
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    Nice to see some new decos. I can see 4 new ones.. mobile games forefather ... Candy castle...pinball and claw machine.
    They all look looking forward to getting and using them in my display area.
    Not sure where they will go after that though, no space as usual lol

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