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Thread: App will not open

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    App will not open

    Since the beginning of October the Township app will not open on my MacBook Air/OS Catalina 10.15.1. There have bee several updates since then and I delete the app, restart and redownload. Even the restarted/updated/redownload will not open. I recently read about trying to access the app through a "Guest User" account from my laptop and this works. Why will the app not open under my regular account (I had been using it for years prior)? Also, I have contact CS support and was communicating with someone who just stopped responding. I am willing to troubleshoot myself but just need guidance. If anyone knows how to solve for this please let me know. Thanks very much.

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    Have you tried this from the Mac users thread? :

    Hope it works for you

    The Mac users thread is here :

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    Thank you JJay! I was able to resolve my issue (at least for now)! The Mac users thread mentions trying the instructions below. However I never saw the "com.playrix" files as it indicates ( I had tried this several times over the past month). On a whim just now I searched in Finder for just "playrix" and all these files appeared (com.playrix). I deleted them all, restarted, redownloaded the App and I am back in. Yay! Just hope it lasts!

    1. Delete the game.
    2. Open Finder. When the Finder window is opened, simply use CMD+SHIFT+G and it will show a pop-up where you can type the following address: /Users/user_name/Library/Containers (please do not forget to substitute "user_name" with your actual MacOS user name).
    3. In the opened folder try to find and delete the com.playrix (also called com.playrix.township-mac). folder.
    4. Restart your Mac and try to load the game again.

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    Yay Happy to hear you finally managed to get back in to the game. Fingers crossed for you that there are no more problems.

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