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Thread: How does one find ACTIVE coops?

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    How does one find ACTIVE coops?

    I have bounced around to some co-ops and it seems like all of them have about 5 active people although the co-op is full. Is there a way to identify which ones are active?!

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    I would first decide how many tasks I would be willing to do, and how quickly, also whether I was willing to pay T-cash to buy the extra task, and how many people I wanted to play with. Then I would search for co-ops in the dedicated threads here, or in social media groups (if you use social media) for co-ops which seemed to match my playing style. Alternatively you could search in the co-op building for co-ops in at least silver, or if it better suits your needs, gold league, read the co-op description, and check out their statistics and how many helps each member has given - if all the members are showing helps it means they are all active. Then I would join them on a Monday and ask in chat about their rules and their aims. If no-one answers I would leave

    It often takes a while to find the co-op which is right for you, but when you do it adds an extra dimension to the game and makes it so much more fun!

    By the way, hi, and welcome to the forum

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    You might also check the Co-op Ads Those a regularly updated with active coops

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    When checking coops one way is check their stats. How many members are shown racing & how many helps they have. The higher the helps the more active. Check their regatta dock for the league status. Start with friends or teams that have the xp star & make sure they speak your language.

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    We are an active coop and always welcome active players. We are Absopositively and we require 15 tasks at 130 pts minimum. Friendly and helpful and it helps that our leader is an insomniac. Lol

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    We are also a small active Gold League co.op..Some of us race regularly and some just help. We are proud to say we don't spend Tcash when we race (unless there is a nail-biting finish) apart from buying a 16th task. We are polite, friendly and definitely no drama but we only take 135 tasks when we race. So if you want to give us a go, see my signature or Pm. I may not reply straight away and we also don't have a FB page as some players don't like or use it. Happy gaming whatever you do Caz. PS, also an insomniac, lol.
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