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Thread: What is the cost of items in the store compared to selling them at Helicopter?

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    What is the cost of items in the store compared to selling them at Helicopter?

    Dear members,

    I have a question (obviously lol)

    I can easily see the price my items sell for in the Heli by seeing what they sell for in my barn, and comparing the earnings.
    It seems to me that selling items at Heli earns more coins then in the barn.

    But how do I dined how much items cost in our Store? Is there a list somewhere? Otherwise, I’d have to wait until every item shows up in my store, then divide it by the number of items.

    Thank you

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    Yes, price at Heli is usually higher than from barn, but not always unless your factories are upgraded. (and even then, some orders are just not worth it IMO)
    The wiki lists some prices
    The price raja charges varies according to his mood/your patience.
    Have never paid much attention to see how variable the prices on the shelves are - I just grab whatever I know am short of.

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    I tend to buy certain manufactured items from the Market without really caring about the price. I go for the ones that are a total pain to make, tie up busy factories, and or use expensive or time consuming ingredients. Muffins and pink cupcakes were the first items I automatically bought any time they were offered, now also banana bread, book, wallpaper and others.

    When I have checked I usually find Raja asks a lot more than the barn selling price. I also find helicopters pay a little less than the barn unless I'm using the 2x coin booster.

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    The store will usually cost more fir an item than you can sell it for.
    I buy the whole store unless I am short on Barn Space. I don't have hundreds of baskets either lol..max I would get is about 30.
    I can't understand why players want more then ask for a scroll button cos they can't see what they've got lol..but that's just me
    The helis are what get you coins and XP. I never send a heli unless it is giving me 1000 or more coins and XP.

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