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Thread: Date Town Established

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    Date Town Established

    Would love to know date I started playing. And when others started. Could put it on Town sign along with population.

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    Adding the date founded to the sign would be nice, if there is space. There are other ways to find out when we each started, though.

    I don't know what device you use, but on iPad we can see when we first installed an app. Open the App Store, tap on the user image, select Purchased, then scroll thru the list until you find TS.

    Also, TS does remember our anniversary date with gifts. After a year we get a fountain with a cow. Each year after that, they add another animal to the fountain as part of our anniversary gift bundle. I guess anyone who doesn't know the date could just wait until TS sends our anniversary gift. That will give you month and date and the animals on the fountain will tell you how many years.
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    Thanks Mayfield. I am on Android and Google Play store does not give same info. Our Coop was all trying to compare when we started and progress since then etc. Thought it would be nice to have a place to look at those Stats. See how long someone has stayed with game etc.
    Looking forward to the fountain. My closest guess is my anniversary will be March 2020

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    Quote Originally Posted by klucero View Post
    My closest guess is my anniversary will be March 2020
    Klucero, if March 2020 is your first anniversary with Township and you have played each day you can look at the Honorary Freeman Achievement which will give you the current number of consecutive days played. Then it's a simple subtraction problem on a Julian Calendar to find the exact date. (I'm not certain if the Honorary Freeman award tracks past one year.) Barb

    Julian Calendar:

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    Hi Barb, it does ... it just counts further 366, 367, 368 and so on.
    Our calendar is actually called Gregorian, after the Pope, who adopted it in the 16th century. The Julian year was too long, and 1582 ten days were just cancelled to catch up. The Julian calendar was used in Russia till 1918, which is why the October Revolution took place in November according to the calendar used in western Europe.

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    Zimbelstern, thanks for the info about Honorary Freeman counting past one year. I suggested using the Julian calendar because I became familiar with it in the US Air Force. We tracked aircraft inspections using the Julian date because the math was so easy. Of course we used the Gregorian calendar for everything else. Barb

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    Thanks Barb.
    I am familiar with Julian Calendar and with Honorary Freeman Achievement. I took a camping trip this summer and was off grid for a day. The Honorary Freeman counter reset. I made my guess based on the date I got my first and only rejection letter from a Coop. So I used calendar and then worked backwards from there a few weeks based on my first event was the Flying one and second event was Easter. That satisfied my personal curiosity. I will wait to see when TS sends me something to get an exact date.

    My suggestion is based on my opinion that it would be interesting information to know and share about time and experience in Township. If not on the sign, then in the player profile.

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    Love the history though so much appreciated!

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    This would be great to have a start date. I think it would be fine to just include it in the town hall information so others along with yourself could view it.

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