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Thread: 05.11 Join the Newest Experiments

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    Quote Originally Posted by KimSecret View Post
    ...However one of today’s tasks is collecting artefacts. I was wondering if there is a substitute to this task as I have ready collected all the artefacts so that means I will not be able to complete the task!
    No substitutes available; you will simply not do the task. There are others like that, f.e. the Coop task(s) for those not in a Coop or solo.
    But it has been mentioned, both by our maths experts here as well as by Playrix on FB (copy here somewhere) that you can reach all rewards nonetheless. Hope they're right

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mrs. B View Post
    Having lots of fun with the “experiments” and I did purchase the gold pass at the beginning. I’m a newb as far as playing the game so I’m curious if an event has been held like this before...
    The reason I’m asking is because when the event is over and my barn goes back to normal size... what happens if I’m over in my allowable barn items amount? Do items just disappear randomly or will I have to be prepared and downsize beforehand?
    I play TS since 2015 or 2016 and haven't seen such an event before, nor was it mentioned here. So I'd say it's a first for this event
    (also Playrix still has some hiccups in their setup of the GP and its TC rewards )

    When your barn goes back to normal, it's expected to behave like the identical situation with the barn booster running out or getting an overflow by the HOL or event winnings and the like: you will keep the items, but can't add ANYthing, until you have the amount back to what your barn shows as capacity.
    So preparing for that in time (see countdown of event in event window) will be a wise move - the situation of an overfilled barn is terrible. Nonetheless, not using it NOW esp. with the market giving higher numbers, too, would be not using the offers at their best, IMO. Just set an "alarm" for the last week! ;-D

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    I've played since 2014 or 15 and I haven't seen this before. I am sure it's a new thing.
    I am trying to not go over my normal barn capacity, but it's hard with the market being so generous.
    Love the market cos I'm filling trains, planes and helis easily, I will miss not having the generous market.
    Like DD said I will have to plan next week and sell if I need to.
    It will be very hard to play the game with a full barn so hopefully it will work out.

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    Somewhere toward the end, one of the rewards us a permanent barn expansion coupon, so that will help a little, but that would be about 50 spaces vs. the nearly 300 extra barn spaces I have now with the temporary boosters.

    Im hoping to level up in the last week so I can build a community building. That will unload 145 items anyway.

    We can also use one of the 20% extra barn space boosters in the lab if we need a couple extra days to get our inventories down.
    Played on and off since October 2017
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    I really like the experiment but is there anyway to add more artifacts to find.
    I have found all but would like to continue finding more

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    What happens to the land expansion coupon if you have no land to expand?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigcat1231 View Post
    What happens to the land expansion coupon if you have no land to expand?
    It will be "hiding" somewhere in your game, until you have a land expansion to expand again. It will then show up as choice instead of the normal requirements.

    Probably sitting in one of our bars or restaurants and enjoying their day, until it's off to work.
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    I am in this situation too. I hope they add more artifacts with the Christmas update.

    In any case, the Experiment has been the most fun I’ve had in Tship for ages. Thanks developers!!

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    Thank you for the help will keep my eyes open Love the the new experiment. Way better than the regatta.

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    THANKS TOWNSHIP!!! Thank you for all the great prizes from professors experiments!! I really enjoyed the event! The only suggestion would be for the early finishers ( like me) to pick up extra prizes, Coins or Tbucks to complete all the tasks! Just a suggestion! THANKS!!!

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