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I ended up really enjoying this event. I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to complete it in time, but I was able to.

I was away during the end of the event, and there were a couple of rewards I did not manually collect, so I hope they were added. Not sure whether they were or not. Overall, the event was great. The pace of the event was good and the rewards were nicely matched. I kept hoping to visit a neighbor and see their supercharged saucer sitting blazing on the helipad, but I guess that is only for when it moves. That would have been really cool visual effect, a turbo charged saucer blazing on the helipad.
I would have liked to see that too. One town I visited had what I think is a decoration, and it was a saucer that would pick up a sheep and leave it hanging in midair. With that deco you could see the saucer flying our the town, and this player had, perhaps, four of them. It was cool.