I'm fairly new to Township, having played for something like 10 days or so and I've come across a few "issues" that probably is my own fault.

I often find myself in the annoying situation that I produce the "wrong" goods. Not wrong in the sense that I don't need the goods produced, but wrong as in the order of which they are produced.

Ie: I need 9 bread and 2 pizza for the Zoo and I have 6 bread and 0 pizza in the barn , so I line up 3 bread and 2 pizza at the Bakery. I then accidently use one of the breads on a sandwich, because I needed that too, so now I'm 1 bread short for the Zoo and have to wait forever until I can get that final bread.

My first question, therefore is this: Is there a way to cancel a production order in the que or chance the order of the que? This iwould especially be nice for goods needed for timed things like the regatta og the airplane.

My second question: Is the a way to see in advance how many of each item is needed for the airplane before it lands?

My third question: Can I see the order book for the Zoo in my main city? it's quite annoying to zone in and out of the area to check what is needed?

Also I read on this forum that the 3rd train is a "must have". How the hell do I get 14.000 coins??? I'm always broke and the long production time on some items mean I rarely can send the helicopter out. I make the majority of my money by trains and airplane