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Thread: A quick guide to winning events and making tcash.

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    Quick tips on playing and making tcash.

    So, I realize there is a specific place for newbies to go check out guides but I've noticed a few things even players at my level do not do so here is my quick guide. I hope it helps!

    I'll start off with what everyone should know.

    --Buy all your trains and boats as soon as they are available.

    --Never make more than one community building at a time, this includes Zoo enclosures as it will throw off the game and give you building items you might not need.

    --Always keep your factories busy. Even if you can only make an item you have a lot off, make that item!

    --Never waste your tcash on anything other than helping in events and on the Market. Speeding up buildings and orders is counter productive in the end.

    --Never plant a lot of crops that take 5-15 hours to complete until you are done for the day. This way you can continually cycle through wheat/corn/carrots for animal feed.

    --If you are running low on coins, go to the laboratory and buy the Generous Customer booster. You will earn twice as many coins from sales.

    --After you complete an order, you can go to a neighboring town and then return back to your town to instantly reset the timer. You won't have to wait for the helicopter to make its trip.

    --I never worry about keeping an Order that will take me longer than 30 minutes to complete unless it's worth thousands of coins. Instead I complete every order I can and then cancel the rest. After 30 minutes you will get a new set of orders, complete what you can and then cancel the rest. Rinse and repeat. This is especially useful for events that require keys, bottle caps, ect.

    --Mining is extremely important because you can upgrade your factories from the ore you make into ingots. I find the best way to mine is to go two blocks down and then use a stick of dynamite to go across. If you are stopped by stone, continue down until you can use the dynamite to clear an entire row. This will make sure you never miss anything and dont have to waste gems on the mine booster.

    --Never waste your tcash opening treasure chests. Sometimes they are worth it, but more often than not they just rob you of your tcash.

    --Never spend ingots on boat orders. They are more useful upgrading your factories and you will find treasure floating in the ocean more often than not.

    --Join a co-op as soon as you can and dont be worried about leaving them until you find one where everyone shares and competes in the regatta.

    --Dont forget to join the regatta! You'll get tons of rewards when you complete your set of tasks and even more if your team places high enough in the race.

    --When you ask for help on products, never ask for help with a Zoo/Train/Plane order that requires more than 3 items. Most of the time they'll go unfilled as filling an request with 1-3 items is easy for most people.

    --Fill as many requests as you possibly can, even if you think you are losing coin on the deal. In the end you get clovers which can lead to tcash. Next to the Market, The house of luck is your best friend.

    -Save your tcash and wait for a -20/-30% discount on the Market and then buy the 10 day sale.

    --Buy everything you can at the market, they'll eventually be useful and once an hour use the Market to search for a specific item that can fill orders. If you dont need an item, buy ore or pick axes.

    --Never sell ingots to the mafia guy, it is a waste of ingots. Wait until you have a Jewelry factory and then sell him those items. Always cancel if he requests ingots.

    -Always play the events and keep up with them so you get first to third place. You will get 50 tcash for first and 30 tcash for second/third. This is how I afford buying the Market every 10 days. Usually I will only spend 5-10 tcash during an event to make 50.

    If you follow these tips you'll never have to spend real money on the game and will still get a healthy flow of tcash as you complete events and achievements. I hope these tips helped! Thanks for reading.
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    err ok.


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    ok, some of those tips i agree with, others not so much? i get a lot of tcash opening treasure chests but not the ones in the event screens(those just tend to give me event items). i do spend ingots on boats but just when i get low on the 2nd & 3rd items. i find Raja's prices a bit steep so only buy what i need to from him and make it myself and rarely if ever do i enlist his services for tcash. i don't kill myself to be in 1st in the events. in the end, we all play this game a bit differently and that's what works for me to enjoy it

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    While you have some good ideas your gaming style is not for everyone. We each need to find what we are most comfortable with; not a one-fits-all system.

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    well, that comes from posting this guide in the Discussion area**, instead of in the thread with the "Best tips for new players" in the New to Township subforum: discussions
    BmfBrando's post can give the reader some ideas of their playing style - it's called tips and certainly helpful. Some have already been posted in the aforementioned thread, but it might be that higher lvls don't check there, cos of the title, and as we have seen, new players don't always find it either. *g*
    (it might also happen that the threads gets merged ) **

    If you describe the differences to the OP in your way of playing, like WillowMist, it might give the reader exactly some alternatives to think about, so: good also, and thanks to all for taking the time to write here.

    ** ETA: lol - I think I had seen it in the Discussions subforum before... looks like they don't get merged, but it makes it easier now to find the other thread, added the link above.
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    I *advise caution when buying from the market. Only buy what you need, is what I feel. Remember, the cost price per item can be much higher than the total profit gained from an order that contains the item. I actually went bankrupt thrice from raiding the entire

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    Quote Originally Posted by WillowMist View Post
    ok, i find Raja's prices a bit steep so only buy what i need to from him and make it myself and rarely if ever do i enlist his services for tcash.
    I didn't know you could buy Raja any way other than with TCash ... Can someone explain how please?

    His prices can be steep if you are asking for something you need, but if you have time to search a few times using ither items, the price almost always goes down and amounts sometimes go up.

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