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Thread: question about items in production que and other things

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    There are two kinds of balloons we can receive. The golden balloons are generated by the game and cost 3 tcash to open, after the first one each day.

    We can also get free balloons from friends as gifts. Each player can give out five each day. Everybody has a slightly different way of giving their balloons. Some players are very methodical about working down their friend lists and gifting every friend in their turn. Some like to gift more often to friends at lower game levels or to coop members. Others use them as a way to thank players who have helped fill their train or plane crates or zoo requests (found under the Recent Helpers tab). Apart from helping where you can and making sure to hand out your own gifts every day, I'm not sure there is much a player can do to receive more of the gift balloons from other players.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sdust View Post

    Also I read on this forum that the 3rd train is a "must have". How the hell do I get 14.000 coins??? I'm always broke and the long production time on some items mean I rarely can send the helicopter out. I make the majority of my money by trains and airplane
    To clarify you don’t earn coins for filling your own trains, only other people’s trains when they require help. But you do earn coins from your plane as well as others.

    I have found zoo orders to be less profitable than they should be so I’d make them a low priority. For helicopters you should add up the barn prices of the items (what you would get for selling straight from the barn) to make sure it’s an order worth sending. Sometimes townies are stingy and offer less coins than the barn price.

    At your level an idle factory is wasted opportunity. Keep collecting milk, make cheese, sell cheese from the barn. Collect eggs for cookies. These are fairly fast to make.

    Grow and sell crops when your fields aren’t busy.

    Don’t buy products from the market unless it’s an emergency. Those prices are much higher than making them yourself.

    There are many tips on this forum for earning coins if you do some clever searching.
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    That helps. Thanks much!

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    Thanks! I don't want to spend the cash at all but trying to reach a goal of ten. Five more to go.

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    Thank you! Now I don't have to waste my time looking all times of the day. I did notice that I find them after midnight every time.

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