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Thread: Some items don’t show amounts anymore

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    Some items don’t show amounts anymore

    Forgive me if someone has already brought this up. Can’t find it anywhere.

    When filling planes, trains, and zoo orders and you tap and hold on a crop item, island item or duck pond item it no longer shows how many you have in your barn. It works fine for factory items telling you how many you already have in stock, and if you hold down long enough it takes you to the factory that makes those items. But it’s kind of annoying that when my plane asks for corn or feathers or shrimp or anything from those areas and it won’t tell me how many I have. I have to go to a factory that asks for those items to make something to see what I have or search for it in my barn.

    I hope they plan to fix this.

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    This "change" came with previous update. Some players reported it to playrix support but in last update it wasn`t corrected yet.
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    Okay, thanx. At least they know.

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