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Thread: Need more bricks to build

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    Need more bricks to build

    The trains don't bring enough bricks to build anything. Its frustrating because you can't get any further.

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    I find it always one thing or another. If we limit ourselves to one community building or one zoo enclosure at a time, the software is supposedly programmed to send us what we need.

    Still, I think it is programmed to always short us on one item or another, if not the materials needed for cbs, then at least items for land expansions or for barn expansions. We have lots of shovels and axes but no saws, we get lots of nails and hammers but no paint, etc. then, a couple months later, we find we have lots of saws, but no axes, and lots of paint but no hammers. Then a few months later, it's nails we need and aren't getting.

    I know some claim this is just random chance and it averages out in the long run. It does seem to average out, but I don't think it's random. I think the developers deliberately short us one part or another to lead us into spending tcash for the missing item. They just change it up from time to time and short different items for different groups to make it less obvious what they are doing.
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    If the Devs were going to deliberately short us out of something then everyone would be lacking the same thing.
    Even with different groups that would be more work and trouble they need.
    I do agree they want us to spend, but they are also aware they have players who either can't afford to spend or simply won't do it.
    So for them to do it deliberately again doesn't make sense.
    We have been told many times these things are random, I don't think a company like Platrix had a need to lie to us.

    One tip to bear in mind...don't keep more of anything that you need...sell any surplus.
    This usually jogs the trains to bring items you need.
    Try from the start to keep and equal amount of each item if you can.
    It works for nothing to lose by trying... Good Luck and fingers crossed it works for you.

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    J'ai gardé chaque fois un minimum de 70 de chaque jusqu'au niveau 58 OK parfait les trains partent 3 toutes les 3 à 5 h niveau 60 je croyais que que les échanges pourraient être verres contre briques (manquantes) mais NON les échanges sont aléatoires et toujours contre outils avec déséquilibre.... en stock 95 verres 22 briques et toujours besoin de briques pour les échanges ! Il devient très compliqué de progresser ! Je regrette le Township de mon vieux téléphone Windows Phone 😁
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