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Thread: How come?

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    How come?

    I had finished the Regatta that started today in 2.5 hours and was 1st place.That was at 10.30 am.At 1.30 pm,I was still in 1st place and the 2nd team had also finished.At this point there were only 3 teams in the race.I come back on the game at 4.30 pm to find I am in 2nd place to a team that have come from no where.Can anyone shed any light on this please?I am unable to report an issue from my phone for some reason.

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    I think the developers will sometimes combine racing groups when they find groupings with only a small number of teams.
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    some co-ops delay their start. were you sailing solo? did you do all 135 point tasks?

    Unless you do the max, you can't expect to stay in first place.

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    Yes, I was sailing solo and yes I completed 16 tasks at 135. I was the clear winner of this race. I have played this game for 3 years, I am on level 166 and my co op is 7th on the GLB. Something doesn't add up to me. The "winning" co op were not even on the board for over 5 hours.
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    Please re read my post. I had finished the Regatta, 16 at 135. There was only 3 teams in this race for over 5 hours. I finished in 2.5 hours, so was the clear winner.
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    Wow, something's wrong somewhere. I'd love to know the explanation for this situation. Developers?

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    The devs will not see this so there will be no answer from them unfortunately.

    This happens all the time. If you look at the list of teams at the start you will see there are places that have not been taken.
    When you start the regatta and complete even your first task you will appear on the list. However as you said there were only 3 teams showing at the time therefore other teams would be added later.
    The reason that team took over your 1st place will have been because even though they were added after you they must have finished in a faster time. It's frustrating but unfortunately it's happened to us all at some point.

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