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Thread: Field system overhaul

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    Field system overhaul

    Playrix needs to reassess their system for distributing fields. The current system is not too bad for lower levels but those of us in the higher levels see increased quantity demands and no way to increase production until Playrix presents a new Community Building, and new Dwellings. Then we get a single field. The number of products we must grow has increased, but those just reduce the number of fields a player has available for each type. Please come up with something more workable for distributing additional fields

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    I agree. My field started getting out of balance when they added rice, but it's gotten much worse with addition of coffee and peanuts. Adding a half dozen field isn't enough. It might work if we had more barn storage, but not when we need to keep most of our crop inventories in the field. Then, to make the numbers even more broken, they dramatically increased the quantities of field crops they are asking for in the trains.

    Developers do this kind of stuff all the time. They create a nice, playable game, then they just keep piling more stuff onto it until it gets all out of balance and stops being fun. It doesn't matter if it's because they just didn't think things thru or if they did it on purpose to make the game harder to get us spending more money. For me, it still adds up to a gradual realization that I don't really enjoy playing the game anymore.
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    Yeah man, I'm only lvl 64 and the increase of quantity is driving me nuts. I currently play the entire day as I'm not working, so I can afford to micro-manage to some extent. However, if the developers continue to stinge on fields, the game could suffer a drop in popularity because most people can only afford to spend so much time, with limited patience and money.

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    I'm lvl 105 and I do not have the space for more fields. It would be cool if you could some how upgrade you fields so each one produces 2x the crop but I'm not in the favor of having more fields.

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    You can go to the laboratory and use a booster that will give you twice the crops.
    Or if you have a coupon you could use that at the lab.

    With planes you can see that you are going to need a crop, therefore you have 4 hours to grow as many as you can.
    The longer it takes to grow a crop the smaller the amount you will need, and they are rarely asked for, at least in my experience.
    Trains will only ask for amounts you are able to grow because you cannot delete them.

    So technically you should be able to grow whatever is asked for, but it is also a combination of growing, buying from Raja or asking for help.

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    As to using gems and coupons, you run out of them pretty fast if you aren't willing or able to spend a lot of actual money buying them. There are many crops that take way longer than the 4 hours just to grow not to mention the additional time needed to make other products from them. At this point I am needing to keep at least 12 of each product to cover zoo (usually 9), trains (usually 1to 4 products or 7 to 19 crops per car), planes ( 1 to 9 products or 6 to 70 crops per cargo), plus any number of co_op and friend requests. I always make jewelry to sell so I can always have the dealer (I call him Guy Smiley) but I still can't keep up with demand.

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