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Thread: Co-op members vs friends?

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    Question Co-op members vs friends?

    I have searched for a week & I know it’s bound to been asked before, but as a co-op leader, why would I want to keep my co-op members as friends? Wouldn’t I be better off removing them, therefore making space for new friends, hence, new invites to our co-op?

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    Hi Kamasutra . It is handy if everyone in your co-op is friended by one or two other members. The reason being if anyone temporarily leaves the co-op or got accidentally kicked, a member will have them on their friend list and will be able to invite them back. That is of course if you have a closed or by request co-op.

    ETA I have even seen a member struggle to get back to an open co-op, it was a popular name and they just couldn't find theirs. So answer is no you don't need to have all your team on your friends list. Split friending each other amongst yourselves.
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    Excellent advice from Downton, just piping up to add that one has to be elder or above to send invites.

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