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Thread: How does level of lowest member affect what tasks appear?

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    How does level of lowest member affect what tasks appear?

    If one player is a much lower level than the rest of the players in the co-op, how does that affect what tasks appear? For example, if three players are at level 60, and the fourth player is level 35.

    Will that player get a reasonable number of tasks that they can do, or will they see a lot of greyed out tasks that are beyond their level? Can the other players benefit by having one player that is way below the average level for their co-op? I read that the types of tasks change for higher levels - i.e. less crops and heli tasks and more planes and trains.

    Will the tasks that the lower level player can choose from be worth less points?

    Also, is the answer to the first question different if the lower level player opts out of racing?

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    We have 4 people in our c o-op. 2 at lvl 90+ and 2 at Mid-30's. We are in wooden league right now since we just formed the co-op. All 4 of us finished 8 tasks. We finished in 1 day. We have a minimum task of 130+, except for HOL's which we allow 125+.
    If anything I think it made it easier on the higher lvl players than harder on the lower lvl.
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    The tasks the coop sees are generally based on the highest level players. We have gotten factory tasks that only one member could do.

    While it might work fine at some league levels, it would be very difficult for your lower level members to finish all 15 or 16 tasks for gold league, especially when all 135 point tasks are needed. While there are some tasks (like helicopters) where the quantities adjust based on the level of the player who takes it, but most of the tasks do not. There will be factory tasks they can't even consider, also maybe boat tasks if they don't have all four islands open. Plus, nearly everything is harder if the player doesn't yet have all three trains or all 4 boats or the second set of pigs and sheep.

    To me, this is one of the great weaknesses of the current regatta system.
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    We have a mix of player levels but most are above 100. What I've seen is that there appears to be some tasks that no longer appear for co-op with all higher level players, like "Strawberry Jam" or "Collect Milk" and the like. When lower level players are "Racing" these tasks appear again. The amounts needed change due to the number of points for the task, 135's need more jam than 125's but that has always been the case.

    So, some products / tasks are "easy" to produce / collect and are available when lower level players participate. Naturally the "harder" products / tasks show up when higher level players participate. With a mix of players, you'll see both which may indeed make it harder for lower level players to complete all their tasks unless the higher players leave those easier tasks for the others, you know, teamwork.

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