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Thread: Playrix ended my Halloween event yesterday ...

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    Playrix ended my Halloween event yesterday ...

    Yesterday afternoon when I opened my game, I got a pop-up from Playrix letting me know the event was over and paying me for my items left over (capes, pies, pumpkins, tools for game, etc.). I thought it was a bit early to end, but checked and no pumpkins in my crop line-up or event items to produce in factory. I did notice that the Ghost house was still there and open to play. Well, I could play if Playrix hadn't taken my tools!

    A few hours later when I opened my game, the items to produce were back in the factories and I could plant pumpkins again. Needless to say, Playrix didn't give back my already produced items or tools.

    I was curious if this happened to anyone else?

    I had already finished all I was going to do with the event and got my House of Horrors. That was pretty much all I was going to do. So, I'm not upset about this, just curious. Anyone else ever have this happen?

    I play on iOS device (iPad).

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    Hi JustJan

    This happened to me as well. When i opened my game on my android phone. Dispited having updated to the latest version, my halloween event was also ended and payout done. I reverted to playing back on my android tablet and everything is normal exept that i had lost the accumulated halloween stock items but could continue making them. Despite both my phone and tablet being android and both updated, i continually have a problem with continuity in my game if i swap devices.

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