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Thread: Middle-aged profile pic!

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    Middle-aged profile pic!

    I'd like to have a nice middle-aged or older lady with a sweet face! I don't feel comfortable choosing one of those very attractive young ladies, the one older one looks like she's eating lemons . Not sure how the gentlemen feel, of course, but I would enjoy having a profile pic of, say, a mature (!) woman. Anyone else or am I just odd?

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    There are actually two older ladies who request good from the helicopter, but only one has been made into an avatar. In addition to the crabby looking lady in the green hat, there also the one with the glasses. Wiki lists her as Grandma but I always thought she was a librarian, maybe because of the shush gesture. I guess neither of these is middle aged tho.
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    I've seen her--but yes, I don't see her as an avatar. I'd take her over the gorgeous younguns tho!

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