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Thread: Trick or Trade Event 2019 - Strategy?

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    Trick or Trade Event 2019 - Strategy?

    This is my first time with Trick or Trade, any tips?

    Is it best to clear as many boxes as necessary or just enough to clear a path?

    Do you always pay the ghosts (when you have the product or avoid them whenever possible)?

    Tips or tricks for using the tools/spells. Again is it a matter of clearing everything or just clearing a path to move forward?

    Not overly concerned with getting a top ranking, just enjoying a temporary addition to the game in the most profitable way possible.

    Thanks in advance for any input. Barb

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    I don't try to clear them all.

    This event is basically the same as the bunnies spring event or as mining, going sideways instead of down. Try to clear enough to see what's in the others, without actually opening them all. I usually assume I'm going to miss a few. I also will sometimes work around a ghost who is asking too much rather than give it.

    These events tend to ask for a lot of the same items over and over. I remember getting real tired of making ice cream cones for those cursed greedy rabbits.

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    I pretty much do the same as Mayfield. My only strategy for this event is that I make enough tools to get all personal goals before I start. The main reason for this is I can concentrate on having products for the heli to sell and get keys for making tools. Then I can concentrate on having products to feed the ghosts seperately rather than doing both together, I mean I will still keep making tools but it is a lot less demanding.

    Because of the type of things they usually ask for (I haven't started the current Halloween event yet) I sometimes use the double animal produce, 30% reduction making products and the vibrant market (market refreshes twice as fast) boosters. This is really only if I intend to try and compete in the competition.

    ETA actually instead of vibrant market I would pick double crops booster
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    I haven’t started yet as i am doing my regatta today. After a coin task, i’ve stockpiled a bunch of tools and i have the choice of 20 ghosts or 100 pumpkins for 135 tasks. Right now, i don’t know if i have enough tools for both. Which do you think would use more tools? Which is probably faster? Do you get any pumpkin points when you feed the ghosts or better to ignore them and save products if i choose the pumpkin task?

    Edit: the ghosts do give pumpkins far, either 3 or 5
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    For most events, the task where we earn the basic event points is fairly easy. I've only just started but I'm pretty sure I'll hit 100 pumpkins way before I've seen 20 ghosts.

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    I just finished the 20 ghosts and hit the 100 pumpkin mark right before the last ghost.

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    My apologies guys ive been trying to make sence of all the advice. This is my first trick or treat and havnt done a spring challange with bunnies yet. Is the goal to collect ghosts or pumpkins? Is there ever anything behind books or do we just aim for crates. Sorry if i sound ignorant but this challange has me stumped.

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    Hi Dreamy, it's my first time too but maybe I can help. At the bottom of the Castle Screen (where all the shelves and crates are) there's a progress bar that shows how close you are to reaching your current personal goal. Collecting pumpkins will give you one point each and ghosts give you multiple points. Tapping on the present to the right of the progress bar will show you all the personal goal levels (there are five).

    Bookshelves may contain crops, products, pumpkins or tools. If they do, they show the icon for the item included.

    I'm playing on Android, I don't know if other systems are different. Barb

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreamy View Post
    My apologies guys ive been trying to make sence of all the advice. ..
    As this thread is about strategy already, it might help you also (additionally to barb's suggestions)
    to check the minigame explanation ingame: both the shop and the "castle" have a question mark for that top left (every mini game has that). It has even a little video.

    In case you haven't seen them yet:
    There's also the general ingame help behind the cog top left (Help and Support), and in your browser the (more or less) same Help text here

    and the Township Wiki (maintained by players):

    They're good sources for finding stuff, no need to read all at once.
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    Pumpkins are how the game keeps score and counts points toward our five personal goals.

    The ghosts are used to measure progress in the competition aspect of the event. They do this with a lot of events. It is imo needlessly confusing to have two different progress measures in the same event.

    I just got to the first goal. In the time I got 35 pumpkins I also fed 5 ghosts. If that ratio holds I would get to 100 pumpkins before 20 ghosts, but there isn't a big difference. Also, it's possible they load the earliest levels with extra pumpkins to help us get to the first goal a little quicker.
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