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not sure I follow what went wrong there (poors?), but anyway, can't it be repaired?
Although the replacement Ballroom Garden looks nice! (do they exist on fun fairs where you are? or is it more like a restaurant in the open?)
Is it a deco to "stand alone" (IOW, do you show us its box still there) or a picture?
The (Aha not poors, must be arms) of that attraction cause the Reindeer seats to move up and down while spinning to give the effect of 'floating'.
The defect occurred within three weeks so we got our money back easily.

But during the visit to the garden center we saw several fairground attractions that already had defects in a short time.
Moreover, there is a ferris wheel on our windowsill that no longer rotates.
Despite their high price, the devices are produced in such a way that repair is almost impossible.
So there is a risk that new funfair attractions would soon break with us.

The Ferris wheel and one of our carousels will be replaced next year.
The choice for the Ballroom, although it may not be a fairground attraction, is because Anne loves to dance but that is no longer so easy for her due to physical complaints. The Ballroom gives her a nice feeling and that is the most important reason to buy it.

The fair is part of a large park and with the addition of the Ballroom and several other scenes, the idea becomes clearer.
I made you a movie after it was installed.