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Thread: train is stuck

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    In order to empty or fill a train, we need to tap on the train or the railroad station to open this box.


    Then, as mentioned earlier, we empty by tapping a car or swiping down the whole train.

    Are you able to get this box to pop up?

    If not, then I think you need to submit a support ticket.

    Before doing that tho, you might try doing a hard shut down and restart of your device. That sometimes clears problems in individual apps.
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    Hi motorcity .

    The only issue I remember being reported on the forum fairly recently regarding trains is Train Glitch (click me)

    It's not the same as your problem, basically the train was getting stuck during the tutorial or shortly after. You can read more details in the thread I linked above. Unfortunately there was no definitive fix mentioned regarding it (but there is some advice).

    The main reason I am highlighting it is, it shows there has been something gone wrong for new players with the train (I noticed you said you are level 10). Also looking at how that thread went quiet hopefully means it wasn't a permanent issue and Playrix was able to help when contacted.

    Links are also provided in that thread to help with instructions on how to contact Playrix should you need it as well .
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