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    I am a big believer in redesigning slowly, in sections. I have a friend that had a lovely town & she wiped it, it has never looked the same since. I like working in small sections because I keep the end result in mind. I have a newer town that I designed knowing better where my focus is. 3+ years ago we didn't have 122 fields to fit in, so I've made the farm the priority, giving it plenty of space to expand & incorporating a lot more water. We didn't have ducks or otters back then so that's one big redesign

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    I just finished my redesign... a total one, this time.
    Getting items removed, then sorted and grouped for rebuilding is a tedious chore for sure!
    Building again is the fun part.
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    I hope you stop by my town for a visit, it gets remodeled often.
    The penguins’ snow village has gone, but the water park island is now open!
    I hope you “like” my town.

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