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Thread: Partially build CBs

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    Partially build CBs

    It would be amazing if we could partially build the community buildings like we fill trains. I would love to be able to give all the bricks I need for one building, even though I don’t have all the slab I need yet (for example). Building supplies are hard to come by without spending real money, and they take up space in the barn. I might be able to move forward more if I could do buildings in pieces like this.

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    It's a brilliant idea and one I don't think anyone would object to.
    However I doubt it will ever happen.
    Playrix want the game to be everlasting, so the whole game is built to slow us down.
    Unfortunately I can't see them doing anything to speed up our progress through the game

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cuddz View Post
    It's a brilliant idea and one I don't think anyone would object to. ...
    Well...I'm not objecting, but a see a lot of problems. The train algorithm is set for one building, all at one time. I think if the developers go with this change we would (to go with OP's original example) end up with a ton of bricks and even less slabs on the train.

    Building supplies are not 'hard to come by' but they do take patience. I've found that following the advice of more experienced forum members has allowed me to gather almost enough materials for my final CB, the Pool Hall, before it was even available for building.

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