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Thread: Heads up on building supplies

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    Heads up on building supplies

    It would be nice if when we purchase a community building or zoo enclosure we could see how many of each building supply or power tools we are going to need to complete the process so we don’t use to much supplies buying power tools we might already have enough of. I know it goes up by so much with each community building/enclosure but there is so much time between each building I can’t keep up with how much it might cost this time and enclosures are built out of order depending on when you collect cards for the family. It would just be nice if like with upgrading a factory your told the number of bars you need maybe when we buy the community building/enclosure it could also tell us you’ll need this many bricks and this many drills.
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    A few things on this: Yes, it would be nice to know ahead of time. Now that you've joined the forum (BTW, welcome aboard), you'll find that many beta testers post information about what's coming, including requirements for any new buildings, zoo enclosures, or land expansions. If you look HERE (click on the link) you'll see what was posted for the most recent updated containing a new CB (Pool Hall). Keep an eye out for that kind of useful information when an update is near.

    Secondly, there is an excellent Wiki which is loaded with good information. The Community Buildings Page lists the previous requirements and you might see that there's a pattern to the requirements allowing you to make a good guess as to what the next one would require. Same for the Zoo Enclosures and I made such an educated guess over HERE

    Anyway between the Wiki and these forums you should have plenty of help in planning what to save and exchange for new buildings. Of course nothing satisfies like having the actual game tell you in advance like the Academy of Industry does for upgrades but until that comes alone we're here for you

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    The wiki does have a list of all the community buildings currently in the game and what supplies will be needed to complete them for iOS, Android, or kindle users.
    (That info reflects the addition of the tool exchange, so is not correct above the Auto Repair Shop for Windows users. Don't know about Mac.)

    The listing for zoo enclosures is here (again, not relevant to Windows players)

    As cdosr points out, the lists do not have info about any buildings or enclosures that might be added in future updates.

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    Looks to me like you will need 125 Bricks, and about 40 each of screwdrivers and drills for whatever the next Community Building is.

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    The Wiki does offer a 'Legacy' listing of materials for Community Buildings on the Windows platform:

    And for Zoo Enclosures on Windows:

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