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Thread: More Benches

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    There's a similar wish just recently here. And I seem to recall earlier ones. Maybe the threads get merged to give the wish more weight.
    There are also some pics in there of what we have; I guess the others are shown at the Wiki.
    But I still don't know what "regular" benches are - do you mean single ones, or what?

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    I think the issue is scale.

    The Short Boulevard shown above is a 1x1 cell decoration, the smallest space any decoration can take. One little bench would look pretty lonely all by itself in that much space. Maybe they could add a potted plant on either end, or possibly a streetlight on one side. (Yes, I'm combining other small decorations recently requested.)

    Imo it would work best if they put the back of the bench toward one edge, rather than in the middle.
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    классные вообще скамейки

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    One wooden bench and a tree

    Quote Originally Posted by bethslittlecrazytown View Post
    Can you create regular benchs by themselves. Like for a park or by the beach
    I think what some of the people are trying to say is an option for One wooden bench for a small woodland park, meadow or backyard. If that’s not enough for the square, you could probably add one tree. But the bench options that are available now are more for a city park with city Park lights hanging over them. They won’t work for someone’s backyard or a woodland meadow or private beach.

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